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We ask all Cash Back Kaboom members to please read through these Frequently Asked Questions before submitting an online support request; your question may be answered below.

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Top 10 Shopping FAQs

I placed an order, when does "pending" cash back show up in my account?

While shopping, can I browse other sites and still get cash back?

I think I may not have been credited with cash back. What should I do?

How do I get paid?

How do you track shopping activity and reward me with cash back?

What is “Pending” and “Available” Cash Back?

What can I do to make sure I receive cash back?

What will prevent me from earning cash back?

Can I use a coupon from another site and still get cash back?

I've forgotten my email/password. What do I do?

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Top 10 Make Money FAQs

How does the Cash Back Kaboom "Invite-a-Friend" program work?

What methods can I use to invite people to join?

How do I get credit for a referral?

I invited a person who went directly to and joined;
can I get still credit for the referral?

How do I get paid?

How many shopping levels can I get paid on?

How do I find out how many members are in my shopping network?

Can I post my referral link on a merchant's Facebook or Twitter page?

How do I use the Cash Back Kaboom brochure to invite people?

Can I sign up nonprofits, schools and organizations that need to raise

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