Santa Claus’s postal elves are already at it again this year!

Special volunteer elves are ready and willing to help Santa in any way they can and they never fail to deliver.  As you can imagine, Santa receives a huge number of requests and he cannot do everything by himself, so he asks these very special postal elves to help him read and answer his mail.  They  have been doing an excellent job for over a hundred years now says Rudolph, imagine that?

The elves are so smart says Rudolph, ” They answer Santa’s letters in the language of your child, that is about 30 languages including Braille.”


[su_heading size="26"]Rudolph wants to make certain that your letter gets to Santa on time, so he told us to tell you the 3 rules to sending a letter to Santa Claus:[/su_heading]

    1. Make sure to include your child’s first name and full return address.
    2. Santa likes to read about your child’s favorite sports and things that matter to them, and it does not hurt to know what they want for Christmas.  Remember to help and encourage them, but try not to write it for them, unless of course they are wee ones.  Remember, Santa loves to get pictures and drawings too to put on top of his fireplace.  Don’t worry he won’t share them with anyone but Rudolph.
    3. Send your letters soon, they need to arrive at the North Pole by December 16 – it is a very long way!

Santa Watching

Some fun facts about Santa’s elves:

  • The U.S. Postal Service in New York City is one of the largest public letter writing distribution center.  Hundreds of volunteers offer their time each year to answer the letters and send gifts. It is not run by UPS like many of the other ones.
  • Twenty major U.S. cities participate in letter and gift giving campaigns each and ever year.
  • UPS has played a special part in the letter campaign for over 102 years.
  • Did you know that when needy children ask  Santa for warm coats, food, clothes, and shoes or toys, special donor elves help to send gifts to the children whenever possible?

North Pole, Alaska

Do you think you would like to be an elf yourself?  You can!  There is a special website called that provides information for anyone who wants to volunteer their time to help Santa.  Cash Back Kaboom encourages you to visit them and find out more. What’s even better, you can use your savings and the cash back you receive from Cash Back Kaboom to purchase a gift for a needy child and his or her family.  Beanelf. org does not use any charity organization for the giving process, you simply purchase gifts and send them directly from you to a child on behalf of Santa.  This is truly the art of gift giving at its finest!

“It makes me feel special and reminds me of the days when I wished Santa could have brought me what I wanted,” says Rudolph when asked about being an elf.  Rudolph has been a volunteer elf at beanelf for over ten years and says he will continue to light the way to a brighter Christmas for children everywhere for as long as he can.

The elves in New York  receive 300,000 requests each year, unfortunately, they are only able to respond to about 10% of those.  They really could use your help and generosity!